Forest City

Forest City is a proposal for the International Financial Centre that embraces Moscow’s natural terrain. The strategy involves preserving the existing site conditions and introducing iconic architecture in order to promote Russia as a new financial capital.

The new centre is situated just outside of the Moscow metropolitan area. Learning from Moscow’s city plan, Forest City has a radial organisation with a central park. With a communal space at its centre, we nurture the city’s inhabitants and their relationship to the nature.

Each cluster contains a city district that is organised as a gradient with business offices closest to the ring, social programme at the far end, and residential acting as a buffer zone between "work" and "play" zones. The design strategy leaves the riverbank open to create a grand promenade for pedestrian activity. The clusters are arrayed around a centralised ring that supports all transportation, where commuter and local pedestrian circulation overlap.

Taking the recognisable image of the snowflake and using it at the urban scale, we create an iconographic city. Residents can draw on the familiarity of the image and the city becomes relatable and understood. The fractal growth of the snowflake provides a hierarchical circulation that is easily to navigate and organise. The towers are arranged to optimise views and form a mountainous backdrop for the central park so that while in transit or at work there is always ever-present calming views. Residential clusters outside of the ring provide suburban housing for those wishing to be outside of the urban setting. They are arranged around the existing water elements of the site in accordance with the strategy for referencing nature. An organic pedestrian network of walking paths allows people to meander through and experience the ocean of forest, while still having the visual connection to the picturesque cityscape of Forest City.