Moscow’s new financial capital

Human Capital – Fincap (Moscow’s new financial capital) – Financial Capital

Fincap realises and respects the balance between work and life, whilst its global perception boosts Russia’s financial rankings and status. It respects and recognises that people make it what it is, they define a sense of place, create character and define perceptions. Its foundation is based on two key aspects with one shared goal – the birth of a new capital:

Financial Capital

Fincap, Moscow’s new financial capital is about the creation of a new brand for Russia. Its multifaceted approach connects with a global audience on different levels and truly understands how economies and cultures can create something unique. The rise of FinCap as a destination offers opportunities to strengthen existing financial performance, increase economic investment and provide a host of opportunities for infrastructure, development, employment and social engagement.

Human Capital

Fincap unleashes the potential of human connectivity, it understands natural human behaviours to succeed, socialise, question and integrate. Whilst the facilities and amenities of Fincap are world class, they offer a means for its inhabitants and visitors the opportunity for creativity in both work and life, attract the best talent, social engagement and ways to create a like-minded community.

The blend of these two foundations underpin the birth of a new capital that aims to change and adapt as businesses and lifestyles do. Fincap is a brand and destination that creates a perfect balance between a mechanism for financial strength but also a place that values the knowledge, talent and vision of its organisations, visitors and people.