Banking in the green

Russia’s financial market is clearly taking the step into adulthood by reforming the financial and legal system and establishing attractive circumstances for foreign investment. Our IFC masterplan brings together all the traditions and innovations made in urban design in order to make the first sustainable IFC in the world; the first nature oriented IFC in the world: ‘Banking in the green’.

  1. Optimizing the ‘Gifts’. Use the great qualities existing in the project area as much as possible: The great visibility fromthe M9 highway. The beautiful natural setting that will make this IFC the first true ‘GreenIFC’. The strong heritage of the Arkhangelskoye Estate.
  2. Variety of Lifestyles.This masterplan contains a variety of residential neighborhoods. The diversityof living atmospheres will appeal to many different users, both Russian and international. True variation is a rare quality inMoscow.
  3. Top Public Spaces.High quality public spaces, with human proportions, are vital for a successful IFC. The masterplan uses a grid as a structural base. The special public spacesform the exceptions on this grid. Urban green moments like trees, parksand roof-scapes add attractiveness to the public space.
  4. Great Architecture. The buildings of the IFC are tailored to the business culture of the future:flexible, user-friendly, environmentally conscious, open and transparent.In the Central Quarter the principle of the ‘setback’ is applied. The masterplan will help developers to easily achieve excellent BREEAM/LEED scores.
  5. Smooth Network. The masterplan offers a sustainable mix between modes of transport. Thishelps to reduce congestion and domination of the car.It also lowers environmental impact. Walking and cycling will be anatural thing to do.
  6. IFC in the Nature. The complete masterplan for the IFC is based on an optimal relation withthe surrounding landscape. It maximises green surface and minimises hardsurface.
  7. Be Feasible. The simple street grid, in combination with a strong structure of key publicspaces, forms a clear backbone for this masterplan. This plan is made by smart integration of designand financial feasibility. A method that increases profits while reducing both financial and plan failure risks.