IFCity on the Lake

Our master plan is characterised by the location of the IFCity core in the lake area. We believe that in order to make the IFCity work on both a national and international level, it has to be recognised as something unique. The daring but beautiful location on the lake enhances this image. From a financial perspective, our plan has two consequences:

  • Locating the IFCity on the lake will make more real estate program available, and the revenues of this additional program will offset the extra investment in the IFCity.
  • This bold design statement is essential in positioning the IFCity, and therefore it is a necessity in order to reach the very high real estate values that are possible in Moscow.

The core is formed by folding a strip of permeable urban fabric around and partially across the lake into a strong, organised and whole form. Its overarching appearance is firm and maybe even monumental with distinct edges and a spectacular skyline. Nicknamed ‘Financial Kremlin’, it is programmed with a strategy of Magnets and Catalysts and is spatially organised in 4 character areas; The Wharf, Venice Lofts, Wall Street Quarter and the Water Campus.

The Wharf, IFCity epicenter, will host the new Sberbank HQ, a stock exchange, a leading rating agency and a Graduate School of Finance. They constitute the physical and institutional backbone of the new city and act as magnets attracting smaller financial players and supporting industries. Catalysts are equally important, as they will trigger the growth of the IFCity. They will be specialised banking facilities and a range of offers in living, education, leisure, retail and health. Additional character areas include Wall Street Quarters, a more residential district; Venice Lofts, a multifunctional water district with buildings standing in water, bridges and walkways; and The Water Campus situated at the heart of the Kremlin, with spaces to organise global events.

With the ‘Financial Kremlin’ at its center, the remaining site will be a landscape park in the first phase. It holds strategic reservations for infrastructural works and an agenda for connections to the surrounding. It features a water park which connects the Kremlin with the embankment parks along the river south. Further IFCity will mature into a mosaic of walkable neighborhoods with lively public spaces and mixed-use buildings.