The International Finance Center is meant to take account of Russia's increasing influence within the global financial market and to design a landmark location for the international banking and service sector.

Competition for the most successful (finance) companies and most creative talents is increasing. Our client poses the question whether a financial and service center inevitably needs to rely on salient skyscrapers and emblematic architecture to be successful. Doesn't a contemporary IFC call for a balance between a strong identity and iconic architectural language on one hand, and its marketing and realisation potential on the other? Don't these new working environments call for some counterbalance in the form of attractive living concepts as well as concepts of life and mobility? Doesn't a metropolis of the magnitude embodied by Moscow need a trend-setting model for a finance capital which reconciles value creation with a focus on its intrinsic value?

It is the issue of balance associated with the development of the International Finance Center which we as developers have to address in this context. Our vision cannot be measured in meters or square meters – what counts for us, is balance:

  • We want to create a balance between respecting Moscow's historical background and built environment on one hand, and the vibrant aliveness and diversity of an international metropolitan center on the other.
  • We want to connect Moscow's urban landscape and its river landscape.
  • We want to combine the high quality of the public spaces in Moscow's Harbor City with the openness and foresight expressed in Cerd?'s development plan for Barcelona.
  • We want to infuse the area with the diversity of Manhattan's multi-use building blocks and add the quality of life afforded by Copenhagen.
  • We want to combine a multi-facetted concept of mobility with a sound traffic development.
  • We want to create a space which on one hand is throbbing with life 24 hours per day 7 days of the week and provides rest and tranquility on the other.