Lawrence Barth

Projects by the international members of the jury panel: Lawrence Barth

One of the Jury members of the IFC masterplanning competition is Lawrence Barth from Great Britain. He is a Professor of Urbanism at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association and a consultant urbanist for cities, design practices and research institutes.  Mr. Bath has collaborated with diverse architects and landscape architects including Zaha Hadid, Future Systems, Gustafson Porter, Balmori Associates, and S333. He has also assumed the lead role in overseeing a multi-disciplinary refinement of the central district within the one-north Masterplan for a next-generation innovation environment in Singapore. Mr. Bath has published widely in architecture and sociology, and is a frequently invited lecturer and critic on the role of architecture and landscape in the contemporary urban process. He participates in an international research network on the growth of global mega-cities and the urban transformations associated with the knowledge economy. He is a member of the Governing Board of INTA the International Urban Development Association and a member of the UK’s Academy of Urbanism and on the advisory panel of MITKE, a European research network on the sustainable intensification of industrial territories. His most recent publication is “Typology and Urban Strategy,” forthcoming in Architectural Design journal, summer, 2010. 

One-north Masterplan (completed)

In March 2004 Lawrence Barth together with S333 Architecture + Urbanism, architectural London-based firm with an international reputation for delivering innovative mixed-use buildings and urban environments, were commissioned to develop urban-design guidelines for the ICT media and Nepal district in the One-North master plan. The urban-design guidelines are based on the masterplan, made by the architect Zaha Hadid.

One-North is a 200-hectare business park which positioned  in the heart of Singapore, it is designed to host a cluster of world-class research facilities and business park space, all built to support the growth of Biomedical Sciences, Infocomm Technology (ICT), Media, Physical Sciences and Engineering. It is overall design combines educational institutes, residences and recreational amenities with research facilities and business park space, to create an ideal work-live-play-learn environment conducive for creative minds to excel and where innovation reigns.

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One-North will be developed over the next 20 years as a major catalyst to reposition Singapore’s role in Southeast Asia for the 21st century. The aim is promote the construction of a lively and distinctive next-generation science park with a vibrant mix of live, work, play and learning environments.

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The challenge has been to communicate the ambitions for the site to the open market in a manner that is flexible enough to entice developers. To make this possible, we have created a strategic phasing strategy based on the governing principle of non-contiguous growth.

This strategy is defined by a set of rules and guidelines, to be followed by all new developments in the masterplan. The guidelines protect the strictly defined streets and expressive roofscape that are defining elements of the original Hadid masterplan.

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