The leader of the consortium is KCAP Architects&Planners, and other consortium members are 

De Architekten Cie./Buro Happold/Karres and Brands Landscape Architects/ Systematica Mobility Thinklab/Fakton/Prosperity Project Management.

KCAP Architects&Planners

KCAP Architects&Planners is a Dutch office for architecture, urban design and urban planning, founded by Kees Christiaanse in 1989. During the last 20 years KCAP has established itself as one of the leading international practices in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

Working on an international level from the start, KCAP has designed and realized projects in major countries and cities all over the world such as Hamburg, Zurich, Perm, London, Beijing and Amsterdam. The office gained international recognition with projects such as Kavel 25 housing block in The Hague, Wijnhaveneiland and the Red Apple in Rotterdam, GWL district in Amsterdam, HafenCity in Hamburg and the Perm Strategic Masterplan. Recently KCAP won competitions including IAK office ensemble in Luxembourg, the Bay of Passaia in San Sebastian, NEO Brussels and the office building on Ile de la Jatte in Paris.

KCAP has been undertaking projects in Russia since 2008.  Over the past few years a number of projects have been completed or are in the process of implementation, such as the strategic master-plan for the City of Perm; the embankment and master-plan for Perm’s district 179; and projects to transform former industrial sites in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk.

Legacy Masterplan Framework London

This project means structural development of London Olympic Park after the Games of 2012

The 'Legacy Masterplan Framework' (LMF) can be considered as one of London’s biggest redevelopment projects from the last decades. It prescribes the redevelopment of the Olympic Park and Lea Valley after the Olympic Games in 2012. 

© KCAP Architects&Planners

The LMF sets out the ambition for the development of the Olympic Park and Lower Lea Valley, building on the investment for the Olympic Games and subsequent transformation work. The framework plan will guide the delivery of thousands of new homes, employment space and community facilities and will deliver long-term regeneration benefits for the area. The LMF masterplan is a framework rather than a rigid blueprint for development and is supported by a suite of strategies that outline the broad approach to implementation and delivery. Collectively, they will ensure that the ambition level is achieved over the lifetime of the development.

Those strategies are to create a diversity of neighborhoods which draw together all social groups, cultures and various employment opportunities in one complex but integrated quarter of the city; to use the Olympic inheritance as catalyst for regeneration; to maximise transport connections of the former Olympic site with its established neighborhoods; to activate public realm and waterways by maximising the unique qualities and opportunities provided by the Lea Valley’s riverine landscape and parklands; and to promote adaptability and longevity as long-term perspective for the development of the site.

© KCAP Architects&Planners

© KCAP Architects&Planners


De Architekten Cie. is an international active architecture firm with three partners: Pi de Bruijn, Branimir Medic and Pero Puljiz. Cie. is based in Amsterdam (Holland), with subsidiaries in Zagreb and Shanghai. The firm’s sphere of activity includes urban planning, architecture, interiors, research and spatial development. In 2006, the name de Architekten Cie. was shortened to Cie.: Creativity, Innovation, Experience. The distinguishing features of Cie. are the consistently high quality of its work and optimal process management.

As a bureau of considerable size, Cie. is specialized in complex and long-term projects. For large-scale urban development projects, Cie. is often involved in the role of process manager or supervisor. Besides urban expansion areas and inner-city transformations, an appreciable portion of the firm’s work involves the design of buildings and interiors. No matter what the project, the strength of Cie. lies in its versatility and experience at all stages of the design and construction process, from preparatory research to design and execution.

Masterplan Eco-Polis Odintsovo

The urban scenario for Odintsovo integrates disperse urban fragments and landscape into a harmonious whole. Programmatic densification and establishing of new public program together with series of different public spaces results in a contemporary garden city. New landmarks as railway station, city hall, health centre with swimming pool and a eco dome, are well connected by visual lines as well as pedestrian paths enhancing idea of a city in a park.

© De Architekten Cie.

© De Architekten Cie.

© De Architekten Cie.


Karres and Brands is an international design office for landscape architecture and urban planning. The office was founded in 1997 by Sylvia Karres and Bart Brands, and works on a very wide range of projects, studies and design competitions in the Netherlands and abroad. Their work encompasses all levels of scale and all aspects of the public domain.


Systematica Mobility Thinklab - MLab in short - is a consulting company with a central office in Italy, that provides a full range of services in the field of transport planning, logistics, land-use planning and urban planning as well as in the field of innovative, sustainable transport systems.

MLab combines extensive expertise in the field of transport with great attention to environmental sustainability, technological innovation and economic efficiency. MLab's consultants are engineers who have gained worldwide experience in the field of transport as well as great energy, dynamism and a strong attitude to problem solving.


Fakton is a consultancy firm based in the Netherlands that operates on the field of real estate and area-development projects. Fakton is involved in a large number of national and international large-scale projects. Their key expertise is financial structuring and risk analysis. Their approach is multi-dimensional: each investment or development business case should address issues concerning content, context, design, marketing, cash flow, risk and optimization , financial structuring and building partnerships. 


Prosperity Project Management occupies the position of an investment project management company undertaking implementation of the construction of commercial and residential real-estate; from the planning stage to technical supervision.

Company is participating in the capacity of consultant and engineering company during the early stages of several projects. The company also provides services such as marketing research and analysis of the effectiveness of projects that are underway. During the subsequent stages of a project, Prosperity Project Management specialists create the architectural-planning design concept; prepare complete documentation for the release of executive directives and investment contracts; and provide project-management services.