German Gref

President and Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia, Co-Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Moscow International Financial Centre

The project to create an International Financial Centre in Moscow will resonate far beyond the boundaries of Moscow and the surrounding metropolitan area. It should strengthen Russia’s position in the global financial system, and make the Russian financial market an integral part of that system. On a national level, the International Financial Centre is destined to become a hub for Russia’s domestic financial infrastructure. On the one hand, it should help increase the attractiveness of Russia in the eyes of foreign investors and issuers; on another, it should develop and strengthen Russia’s existing financial infrastructure, while stimulating domestic demand for financial services.

The economic and financial are not the only aspects to be considered; architectural and city planning implications of the project are no less crucial. The International Financial Centre should promote the status of Moscow as one of the world’s truly global capitals — it should become part of the city and national brand. But it should also look to release pressure from the city centre and metropolitan transport infrastructure by creating new jobs at the city’s periphery.The project to create an international financial centre in Moscow will provide myriad opportunities to develop residential, hotel, transport, social, engineering and commercial infrastructure, both in the immediate project vicinity and in the Greater Moscow region.

Our aim is to create a modern urban environment with conditions that are conducive to a comfortable and high quality living, with excellent transport and pedestrian access, and in accordance with the best international practice.